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For four years, Silas Anderson has fought the urge to chase Mirabelle Sutton, knowing his rejection is what caused her to run. She left the ranch, a shy, inexperienced teenager, but the bold, confident woman who’s returned is so much more than his best friend’s little sister. She exceeds his every dream.

But life on a ranch stops for nothing, not even death, and proving to Mirabelle she’s more than enough woman to handle a cowboy is a challenge.

Heartbreak had driven her away. Tragedy brings her home. And before she runs again, Silas needs to figure out how to convince her the only way she’ll be riding off into the sunset is with him by her side.

Ever since he was a young boy, Nate Davis’s good looks have defined him. His hit ‘em and quit ‘em lifestyle makes it so he never has to look beyond the surface. Until the day he meets a certain woman and her dancing horse. 

Shiloh Nichols’ blindness has never slowed her down. Her job at Sutton Ranch gives her the chance to help others find strength in what everyone considers a weakness, exceeding her every dream. Her confidence and live-life-out-loud attitude impress Nate, and before long, he’s falling hard.

A pretty face won’t save Nate from the demons of the past, but can Shiloh help him see his worth is much more than the mirror shows?

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